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About Us

Akar İplik

Akar İplik, started its activities in yarn production and trade in 1996, has specialized in fabric production and import over time. In addition, thanks to its strong ties with the Far East, it delivers millions of garment products to its customers without any problems. Our company is one of the leading companies in Turkey and the world, especially in cupro-looking fabrics called Sandy Wash. With over 25 years of experience, we improve ourselves every day to offer the best to our customers.


Our Experties

Our company focuses mainly on knitting and special finishing. We are amongst the largest two producers of cupro touch (cupra  looking and feeling)  sandy wash fabrics in Turkey. We have been investing over the past 13 years on perfecting the sandy wash fabric. We developed our owned special dyeing method to achieve the best result. Fabrics washed in our high technology machines with live enzymes and special additives to achieve the best look, feeling and quality. We also produce weaving looking knitted fabrics as well and few other knitted fabrics. We are among the best companies that produce cupro touch sandy wash fabrics in Europe and experts on producing these fabrics. 

Our History

Akar Iplk was founded on August 5, 1997 in Istanbul and commenced operations as a yarn merchant. Eventually, our company became one of the major yarn merchants among the Gaziantep, Turkey factories. The enterprise has contributed to the development of yarn types not previously produced in Turkey by its business partners. We have pioneered the production of Fancy Yarn in Turkey by importing special fibers for our clients, which are then produced in Turkey under our direction and guidance.


We have assisted and developed the production of cashmere-touch acrylic yarn in Turkey for the first time, and we are the first company to establish the facility necessary for dying products produced from this yarn. By establishing a technological yarn twisting facility in Gaziantep, our company became a pioneer in the sector by producing surgical threads, airbag yarn production, and yarns made of fancy rayon nylon in subsequent periods, and a pioneer in the production of imported goods in Turkey. Cashmere produced knitted fabrics from acrylic yarn that were tweezed and earned the respect of manufacturers.


First, we imported the modal polyester cupro touch fabrics that market demanded . Later, in 2013, we established the production facility to satisfy the needs of our customers for these fabrics. Since 2013, our business has invested in the development of cupro touch fabrics. Over the past decade, we have been devoloping and advancing ourselves. I can confidently state that our company is the best and market leader in Turkey for cupro touch fabrics. 


To summarize, our company's philosophy is to constantly pursue novel ideas and to lead the market by offering products that have never been produced by any of our competitors.

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